Robert Byrne

Senior Lecturer at the SPRU (Science Policy Research Unit), University of Sussex

As well as being a Lecturer based in SPRU, Robert co-convenes – with David Ockwell – the Energy and Climate Change Domain of the STEPS Centre (a collaborative research initiative between SPRU and IDS). He has also been a Coordinator (for Sussex and Southampton Universities) of the Energy and Emissions Theme of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, as well as a representative of Sussex on the Tyndall Council. He is also on the committee for the Sussex Africa Centre, launched in September 2014.

Within SPRU, he is part of the Sussex Energy Group and also an active member of the SPRU-Africa Group. In the past, he coordinated the Technology and Development Group (now known as the Development Group), which is a forum for internal seminars, feedback from critical friends and a place to share and discuss useful readings on development issues.